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What is Aerobic Bar? How to Exercise

Aerobics is a conditioning exercise to enhance the amount of oxygen in the blood and strengthen the heart and lung. It is a physically sustained exercise to increase the capability of circulatory of respiratory system. Aerobic exercises are done using various equipments such as Aerobic Bars. Aerobic Bar is a weighted fitness bar usually made of solid steel encased in easy grip durable soft foam exterior, for a secure and comfortable grip. The Aerobic Bar uses a series of exercises that isolate major muscle groups in order to strengthen all the muscles of the body. The Aerobic Bar can be utilized in a wide variety of workouts including strength & conditioning, circuit & interval classes, balance & alignment, sports conditioning, kick boxing & martial arts, flexibility training and Pilates & yoga workouts.

Aerobic Bar training must raise the pulse rate to the exerciser's target level for at least 20 minutes and include at least three sessions a week. For the better results of aerobic exercise using Aerobic Bar should be done at least 3 days per week, but no more than 6. It should be high enough to elevate the heart rate 60%-80% and it should be continuously practiced 20-60 minutes. For older people it is recommended to perform it slowly and continuously after the recommendation of a physician.

The Aerobic Bar used in aerobic exercises is a fitness program based on the exercises used by ballet dancers to tone and strengthen leg, hip and core muscles, improve posture, and firm and lengthen all the muscles of the body. It combines strenuous interval training with stationary poses, like those used in yoga. The Aerobic Bar in exercise routine is similar to interval training, because it moves from periods of intense physical activity to deep stretches that lengthen the muscles. Because the Aerobic Bar focuses on periods of intense exercise, it does raise heart rate and is a form of aerobic exercise.

The Aerobic Bar integrates the fat-burning format of interval training with muscle-shaping isometrics to quickly and safely reshape the entire body. Its non-impact, one-hour workout targets all major muscle groups and improves posture. The use of Aerobic Bar workout challenges the body’s strength and endurance throughout and provides a high level of overall fitness.

The Aerobic Bar focuses on effectiveness, safety, and body awareness. It is the only bar workout that is designed under the guidance of physical therapists to ensure joint safety. Aerobic Bar ensures body connection, mental focus, and posture development. More over, Aerobic Bar emphasizes sculpting more than other bar workouts by targeting the muscles that play the largest role in changing the shape of the body. The Aerobic Bar offers a strength training alternative to loading and unloading plates from a weight bar. The Aerobic bar is great for doing compound exercises that work more than one area of the body with each move. A steel core evenly distributes the weight beneath a smooth coating, usually rubber, foam or other cushioned material.


FitDeck Exercise Bar

FitDeck-Exercise Bar

FitDeck-Exercise Bar makes exercising with a weighted bar fun and easy. Tons of exercises with illustrations...More Info




This weighted aerobic bar features eight distinctive colors. Each bar is backed by our five-year commercial warranty...More Info

Weighted Bar

Weighted Bar


The original weighted bar for aerobics and group fitness routines! Features foam rubber covering for a secure and comfortable grip...More Info


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